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Cosmetic Tattooing/Semi-permanent Make-up

  • Have you lost natural hair or over plucked your brows?

  • Are your eyes small or undefined?

  • Have you lost hair through illness, medication or alopecia?

  • Have you lost definition or have lips with no line?

  • Does your make-up always smudge, or do you find it difficult to apply?

Lip liner

Semi- permanent make-up is also known as micro-pigmentation and is a form of tattooing. Creating definition, shape, colour and symmetry to eyebrows, eyes and lips. Hair can be simulated in a very natural way.

Natural Hairstroke Brow

How does it work and whats involved?

Pigment is implanted very shallow into the dermis layer of the skin and, once healed, sits 1.5mm under the surface. The pigment is implanted gently and gradually creating the most natural outcome.  

The pigments do fade over time and colour boosts will be needed every 12-18 months, depending on skin types and colours used. Each treatment is tailored to the client and full consultations are required beforehand. Discussion of shape, style, position and technical method takes place before anything else happens.

Natural is key

Following fashions or having styles of make-up that are too bold will not mature well. Natural enhancement is key this will stand the test of time and clients can continue to look good in future years to come.

Does it hurt?

Topical anaesthetics are used for every treatment so no need to worry, you will be very comfortable. 

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